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Nadi & Chloe say hi

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A musical with no actors.

This is a brand new concept of adding stock video footage to music  to create a feature length film. JCRS is the first of its kind. I believe this is going to be the way to showcase music in the near future. 

Is it all about Jesus?

No. Jesus Christ Risen Star focuses on the love story between Nadi and Chloe, who witness first hand Jesus's arrest in the Garden of Gethsemane.  Nadi wrote about Jesus in his journals and they were recently discovered in caved in Qumran. 

Sample Songs - Feb 2024

Sample Songs - Feb 2024

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Chloe & Nadi.

Chloe and Nadi tell their story in between the songs that are performed by professional singers from around the world.

Chloe is the fictional daughter of Joseph of Arimathea. Joseph is a real character in the Bible and was Jesus's uncle.

Nadi is a fictional character based on the disciple who ran away naked in the Garden of Gethsemane (Mark 14:52).


Nadi and Chloe fell in love in Nazareth 2,000 years ago despite Nadi being wanted by the Romans.


They also witnessed their friend being crucified by the Romans, then three days coming back to life; their friend’s name was Jesus. 


With your help and support in buying tickets and spreading the word, I hope to have JCRS on stage at next year's Fringe. 


The rock musical explores the relationships of Nadi with Chloe his childhood love, his older brother Levi, the Zealots, Jesus, and his disciples. 


The main theme is family and social interactions in this historical account of events that happened in Israel in 33AD. 


Although there is death and suffering, there is more love and compassion. 


Although JCRS deals with Jewish and Christian religious themes, it will appeal to anyone who loves a good love story,

Jesus Christ Risen Star has been 20 plus years in the making. I wrote "Been Believing" 21 years ago. 

The rock musical film has been two years in the making. I carefully selected and edited every stock video for the film and AI was only used for the voices, but I manually edited them to make them sound more lifelike. 

The vocals are all provided by humans, including me, the writer,  with the Scottish accent.



The first draft was ready

I had my first draft ready to be staged in 2006, but at the last minute I had to cancel.


Here are photos of the listing for the Winter program of the G12 theatre at Glasgow University.

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