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Bonus music

Bonus music

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Bonus music

Too good not to share. 

I had to cut some music from the final film, but I wanted you to hear the tracks.

What a life - Nadi

Nadi prepares for their attack on Pontius Pilate.

This is our calling - Nadi


Nadi trains to fight with his brother in the caves. 

Time - by Judas

Gethsemane, 33AD. Judas brings the guards to arrest Jesus.  Judas sings the rock anthem “Time” as he betrays Jesus with a kiss on the cheek. 

Swear with me - Nadi and Levi

The next morning Nadi is allowed in to see Levi in jail.  They sing “Swear with me” as they contemplate life and the choices they have both made. 

Call my name - Nadi and Chloe


Chloe explains that she saw Jesus rise from the dead.  Nadi trusts Chloe and they sing “Call my name” before Jesus shows himself to Nadi.

Last Supper - Nadi

Nazareth, 70AD. Nadi sings “The Last Supper” as they finish telling Mark their story.


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