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When we first meet Nadi he is 63 years old and close to dying. Before that, when he was 27 years old, he ran his dad’s successful carpentry business in Nazareth and lived with his parents, Rachel and Ethan who he would do anything for.  He used to think his whole life was laid out before him, working, paying taxes, getting married, having kids and paying more taxes. 

He loves studying the Scriptures and writing in his journal.  He believes he is meant for something bigger than this life now but if he is happy, and with God and Chloe at his side, then his life will be a success.  




When we first meet Chloe, she is 60 years old and still very beautiful. She is married to Nadi and they have a son, Adam. 

Before that, she lived with her father Joseph of Arimathea who was one of the wealthiest men in Galilee. She travelled with Jesus for three years and watched all his miracles first hand.



When he first meet Jesus, he is 30 years old and works in Nadi’s carpentry business.  He is not married and lives with his mum, Mary.  He is well built and has short hair, then three years later he has long hair and a beard.  He has high hopes for his future, he knows he is the Messiah, the Chosen one, but keeps it a secret for now. 

When we see him in 33AD, it is the eve of his Passion and he is nervous, but he has a good group of friends around him, including Chloe. He has a great sense of humour and has no problems upsetting the status quo.  He wears his heart on his sleeve and shows incredible compassion, but he can be easily hurt and feels suffering like anyone else. 



 He is 24 years old and is Nadi’s older brother.  He has lost faith in God and lives by his own rules.  He has no hesitation in fighting the Romans to take back Israel.  He would die for this cause.

He mentors Nadi for three years and teaches him how to fight, but when he is arrested and faces death on a cross, he reflects on his life and is open to the idea of welcoming God back into his life. 



  She is 45 years old and lives in Nazareth with Jesus.  She is a pillar of the community who loves to bake.



  She is 40 years old and lives with Ethan, her husband, and Nadi in Nazareth. 



  He is 42 years old and has worked hard all his life to establish his carpentry business.  He wants the best for his two sons and wants them to help bring down the Roman Empire so Israel can be a proud nation again. 



  He is one of Jesus’ disciples and is his right-hand man. 



 He is one of Jesus’ most loyal disciples and betrays Jesus to the Sanhedrin. 



            He is 55 years old and is a tough customer.  He takes his responsibilities seriously and has no hesitation to enforce Roman rules and punishments.



 He is 47 years old and is Chloe’s father and Jesus’ great uncle.  He is very rich and a member of the Sanhedrin.  He loves Chloe so much and is finding it hard to let her grow up.



He is 45 years old with grey hair and a long bushy beard.  He is dressed smartly and carries lots of Papyrus and quills.  He is very intelligent and a great listener. 



Adam is 33 years old and is Nadi and Chloe’s son. He is a scholar of the scriptures and has been travelling with Mark collecting stories about Jesus. When he learned of his father’s illness, he came with Mark so they could listen to Nadi’s account of the life and death of Jesus.

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