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Gethsemane@EdFringe 2023


Going live on Friday 4th August 2023 @ Midnight

Gethsemane the brand new musical with words and music by John Richmond will be launched on this website as part of the Edinburgh Fringe 2023 (EdFringe).

Gethsemane is 100 minutes long with 17 brand new songs. This is a brand new concept of using stock video footage to create a feature length film and I believe this is going to be a new medium to showcase music in the near future.  

There are no live actors.

Chloe and Nadi narrate their story in between the songs that are performed by professional singers from around the world.

Stock video footage from Flexclip completes the musical experience. The footage has religious imagery, traditional (Jesus and Israel) and contemporary footage set in the present day.

Online and on demand. Pay a one off fee to access the members only page (Gethsemane) 

1 minute trailer
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Nadi and Chloe fell in love in Nazareth 2,000 years ago despite Nadi being wanted by the Romans. They also witnessed their friend being crucified by the Romans, then three days coming back to life; their friend’s name was Jesus. 

The 100 minute long musical has a wide selection of new, fresh, and contemporary music with rock, acoustic and classical themes.

Although “Gethsemane” deals with Jewish and Christian religious themes, it will appeal to anyone who loves a good love story, regardless of religion, sex, creed, or age.  

"Memorable and glorious"

"Hillsong vibes"

"Extremely inspiring"



J Richmond's YouTube channel

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